MIUK Scholarship

At the McKenzie Institute UK (MIUK) we are passionate about the McKenzie Method, and about advancing the education of qualified practitioners. The McKenzie Method is a well established, highly effective form of mechanical and manual therapy, diagnosis and treatment that obtains excellent results when used correctly.

NEW MIUK Scholarship 2020

The 2019 Scholarship round has now closed and you can hear from our 2019 MIUK Scholar at the bottom of this page. 

Applications for the MIUK 2020 Scholarship Award are now open!

The MIUK Scholarship Award was created to celebrate the formation of the new MIUK branch, and  help achieve our mission objective of promoting and furthering the education of the McKenzie Method in the UK. 

The MIUK Scholarship will allow the successful applicant to attend Parts A, B, C and D of the McKenzie training and complete one credentialing exam entirely free of charge. By the end of the Programme you will be a fully Credentialed McKenzie Clinician, in a perfect position to proceed on to the Diploma and even become a future UK Faculty member.

We are looking for enthusiastic, passionate and proactive individuals to become part of our network and help us spread the word in the UK about the McKenzie Method. You might be interested in research, social media, marketing, or simply highly enthusiastic about physiotherapy or MSK health care...whatever your skill set is, we want to hear from you. 

This is an excellent and unique opportunity. The successful applicant will not only become fully qualified in one of the world’s leading physiotherapy and manual therapy techniques, but will be able to list themselves as the official MIUK 2020 Scholar: an accolade in itself. 

MIUK Faculty Mentorship Programme

The successful applicant will also benefit from an MIUK Faculty Mentorship Programme, giving them access to some of the most experienced and talented McKenzie practitioners in the world. This is a once in a lifetime career opportunity to learn from the very best, and embed yourself in a strong network of passionate, dedicated and enthusiastic senior professionals.

MIUK Scholarship Eligibility

If you are a third year undergraduate student, qualified physiotherapist, GP, chiropractor or osteopath and you live in the UK you are eligible to apply for the MIUK Scholarship 2020. Applications from all qualified practitioners are welcome. Applications are awarded on merit: we reserve the right to award more or less Scholarships depending on the applications received. 

Apply for the MIUK Scholarship 

To apply for this scholarship, please send an application to MIUK in the form of a CV and a cover letter that includes the following information:

-        Your qualifications

-        Why you would like to be considered for the MIUK Scholarship

-        What you feel you can bring to MIUK

-        How you can help to promote and advance the McKenzie Method in the UK

Please send your application to: Laura Findley at miukbranch@mckenzieinstitute.org with the subject title ‘Scholarship Application’. Also, join our newsletter so that you can stay up to date with the latest MIUK information.

Closing Date

Applications will close on Monday 31st August 2020 (this date is subject to change, so please apply early to avoid disappointment).

Applicants will be responsible for their own expenses. The successful applicant may attend any course they are eligible for that is running in the UK. This Award does not entitle an applicant to attend any McKenzie courses in any other countries.  If you have any questions please contact Laura on the email address listed above.

Our 2019 Scholar

Sean Paul Carroll was the successful applicant in 2019 and becomes our first MIUK Scholar:  

"I was briefly introduced to some ideas of mechanical diagnosis and therapy through my undergraduate musculoskeletal lectures. However, my interest really peaked when an external speaker spoke about their reasoning process using MDT, and continued with following and discussing with other physiotherapists in twitter versed in the training. I was in awe of their well thought out and systematic reasoning approach in assessment and diagnosis of patients. Moreover, when I began reading about MDT I noticed the core values of the approach resonated with me, namely, to empower people toward self-efficacious management of their condition. From then on MDT training was always in the back of my mind as a core part of my plan to develop myself as an effective clinician.

The hardest part about the application process was waiting to hear if I had been successful – but this isn’t a reflection on the timeliness, just rather my excitement! Overall the initial application process was simple: the questions put on the website helped me to cross over what was relevant with my experience and skills. I found the interviews to be very comfortable, and it felt like an informal conversation to see whether I was a good fit for what the MIUK Scholar should be, rather than a bullet-point interview. I think this helped bring out the best in myself to display my competencies and aspirations to be part of the McKenzie Institute community in the dynamic field of musculoskeletal practice.

 I would strongly encourage future applicants to consider their core values, and if they feel that they resonate with MIUK: go for it! Reducing the financial barrier to meaningful education, especially for new graduates, is something I can’t commend MIUK for enough. I am grateful for this opportunity and proud to be selected as a scholar of an institution. I look forward to meeting some of you and our future discussions."

Sean Paul Carroll, 2019 MIUK Scholar

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